Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writer's Workshop

One of my (and I think my student's too) favorite parts of the each day is Writer's Workshop. This is a time in which the kids truly take charge of their own learning and can express their creativity. Each day for Writer's Workshop we follow the same general routine. I have a very limited time (as I am sure you all understand) to squeeze it all in- but here is a general idea of how it looks in my class room:

(10 minutes) Mini-Lesson
(20 minutes) Writing and one-on-one or small group conferencing
(5 minutes)  Author's Chair
= 35 minutes in all

I told you it was short, sweet and to the point! However, I know if they had the time my student's could spend hours completely focused and engaged in what they are creating every day!

Here are the posters I use in my classroom for the students to relay which stage of the writing process they are currently at (superkid themed of course). The kids begin with their clip on the first poster and continue moving it down as they move through the process.

Up Close :)

You will notice that all of the signs are bilingual. This is because my students often write in both languages!

The first step my students begin with is their first copy. They then move on to revise/edit. There is a specific guide sheet to help them through this process that I have attached below for you as well. After they revise their paper, they meet with a peer who has also just finished revisions/editing to have a peer conference. Once finished with this, my students must sign up for a conference with me. You will note (sorry you cannot see it so well- this was a quick cell camera pic) that on this poster the student must sign up on the English column or Spanish column relaying to me in what language they have written their story. This helps me out, particularly on days when I have small group conferences. Final step- publish! My students can chose how they would like to publish their story. I have had kids make everything from a simple paper attached to a drawing to theatrical plays with puppets! I try my best to give them the tools they need to utilize their imaginations! Sometime soon I hope to dive into digital storytelling with them as a possible venue for publishing as well!

Writing Supplies :)

Here are a few of the documents we use each day to guide us through this process:

1. Revise and Edit Checklist my students use that they staple to their first copy.
2. Writing Conference log that my students keep in their data binders. I fill this out each time they have a conference with me sharing something positive about their writing and something I would like them to work on.
3. Our Author's Chair sign up. I have this laminated on construction paper and hung on my board. Students sign up once they have finished publishing their piece.

Click here to download the checklist. (It is in Spanish too if you scroll down!)

Click here for the conference log in English and Spanish.
Click here for the Author's Chair Poster.

What types of handouts, organizers, etc. do you use for Writer's Workshop? I am always looking for new ideas!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! With a great post like this (and cute freebies), you're sure to be a blessing to many teachers.
    - Leslie

    1. Leslie- Thank you for your support and feedback! I am thoroughly excited that you are my first follower and I am looking forward to this blogging adventure with all of you!

  2. Hi Krista! LOVIN' your BLOG! I just PINNED your BLOG on PINTEREST :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! I appreciate it. Looking forward to doing some idea swappin :)!

  3. Krista I just found your blog through Pintrest and I love it... I think you might be close by me...I saw the Country Donuts bag from your birthday their donuts! :)

    Thanks for all your sharing... by chance do you have your writing workshop process posters to offer? I love the superhero theme!

    I am a second grade bilingual teacher (soon to be dual language...can't wait), so I am sure I will be back often!

    1. Bobbi-

      I love hearing from fellow bilingual/dual teachers, and I appreciate your feedback! I will try and do a post with them sometime in the near future if that would be helpful :)


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  5. I know it was posted years ago, but I really wanted to thank you for including the resources in Spanish.