Monday, February 13, 2012

100th Day of School

Okay- so here it is a compilation of our activities from our 100th day of school! (Did I mention how much fun this day is!)

We started out our morning reading one of my all time favorite 100th Day books, "Centipede's 100 Shoes (if anyone ever finds this in Spanish, please let me know- I would be forever grateful!).

In the past, I have had my students each color four legs to create a giant class centipede bulletin board, and then write a short piece relaying what life would be like if they had one-hundred legs. Here is a picture of my bulletin board from last year just in case you are interested in that option:

This year I opted to have each student make a page for a class book entitled "Si tuviera 100 pies..." (If I had 100 feet...). Below are a few photos of what my students came up with as well as the document in Spanish and English if you are interested.          


Click here to download this book page (in Spanish and English). 

For snack time we made a 100's Day "Trail Mix". The kids' homework the night before was to select a healthy snack food that they could add to the mix. They had to count out exactly 100 of the item and bring it in a plastic baggie. This activity had a perfect math tie in as we practiced counting by 100's as we added in the different foods. Here is a picture of our trail mix, along with the fun 100's day glasses we made in the morning to sport throughout the day!

During math time, we practiced our estimation skills by completing the activity "¿QuĂ© puedo hacer en 100 segundos?" (What can I do in 100 seconds?). This was an activity I found on Pinterest in English and translated for my students. I must say not only was it a blast- but great exercise too!

Click here to download this activity page in Spanish. (With the font I chose to use I did have to add a few accents here or there in black marker before making copies- just a heads up!). 
Click here to visit "Mrs. T's First Grade Class", which is where my pinned picture lead me for the English version of the document if you have no clue what the one above says ;)!

During our Writer's Workshop time, we created the good ole' "If I were 100 years old.." pictures. I got this wonderful activity idea from Hope King over at "2nd Grade Shenanigans". We used the kids pictures I had taken at the beginning of year, cotton balls, and construction paper to make these adorable creations. 

Happy 101st Day- Gosh the year flies by!


  1. I enjoyed all your great 100th day ideas! Fun! I am now following you. :)
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  2. Thanks Lori! I look forward to checking out all of the wonderful things I am sure you are sharing on your blog as well!

  3. Krista,

    I love your blog! It is precious! Your centipede is adorable!

    I am so happy to be your newest follower! I would love for you to visit me when you get the chance!

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    1. I will most definitely do that! Thanks for the support :) Looking forward to some great idea swappin!

  4. I can't tell you how much I love your ideas. I'm a homeschooling dual-language teaching mama. And you are an inspiration to me---thanks!!!

    1. Thanks Jedda! I appreciate your feedback and support! I'd love to hear some of your great ideas as well!