Thursday, February 9, 2012


So we had a homework party this week. At the beginning of January (to revitalize the kids "turning in the homework" spirit), I shared with them that if they got all of their homework turned in as a class, including their monthly reading log, we could have a celebration of their choice. Our district has a new healthy food policy for any celebration (so this kind of limits our choices), but they got quite creative with it! They voted on having a pajama themed day, in which we would come to school in our pajamas and have breakfast. What kills me is their healthy breakfast choice as a class was yogurt complete with different mix-ins. Thus, we had ourselves a good ole' yogurt buffet. Kids are so creative! It was delicious!

My class has been studying different types of graphs as part of our math curriculum. Thus, I found this  a perfect opportunity for a tie in- Check out our "What is your favorite mix-in?" graph :)

On a different note, this week in Writer's Workshop we began focusing in depth on the "Organization" trait. We created this anchor chart together relaying the different parts of a paragraph. (Not the neatest thing I have ever created, but it gets the point across.)

What types of activities do you find work best for teaching paragraphs? Anyone have a lesson they always do? I would love your suggestions!

Happy Friday!


  1. I've seen lots of people do a hamburger for parts of a paragraph. Another idea I like is a table: the table top is the main idea and the legs support.


    1. I have used the hamburger before too- good classic. The table top is a new one, thanks for the suggestion, Lisa!