Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's my Birthday!

So today is my 26th birthday! Whoo...savoring those last moments of my "mid" 20's!

I got to school today and was showered with a variety of gifts and cards. One student even brought me donuts for breakfast! So sweet how they remember these occasions, and I was so grateful for each and every present, note, and well wish!

Today was also "Fat Tuesday"! I had a substitute teacher this afternoon as I was in a committee meeting. But I made sure the students had the opportunity to celebrate a bit and that she snapped a photo for me! They read a story about Mardi Gras, wrote a "super" paragraph to relay what they learned using the nifty paper freebie I have posted below, and then made Mardi Gras masks to culminate the festivities.

Polka dot border compliments of "Graphics from the Pond".

Click here to download this writing paper.

 Today being my birthday, I thought it would also be the perfect occasion to share how I celebrate my students' birthdays as well as get different ideas from you all as to how you celebrate students' special day.

As the theme in my classroom is "Superkids", the students in my classroom have the honor of wearing the "Super Birthday Cape" throughout the day.

They also sport these sweet star glitter glasses (because it is their day to shine!) (I forgot to snap a photo of them today so I found one on the web. They are identical though, I promise!
Of course we also sing- in English and Spanish :), and I give each of the students a birthday bookmark that I sign to celebrate their special day!


  1. That cape is SO adorable. I don't do a lot to celebrate birthdays, so I'm going to follow up on your linky party to get some ideas :)
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. I like the idea of the cape! Next year my class will be the braniacs so I may find a cute "thinking cap" for my class to wear. BTW, I love your blog decor... cute!
    Have a great day!
    Heather B.