Thursday, March 12, 2015

Perimeter and Area Superheroes & Poem

This week we wrapped up our study of perimeter and area with some superhero action.

I gave each student one sheet of graph paper and told them that they needed to cut out two legs and then two arms of the same size, a body and head. It was their choice how small or large they wanted to make them. I then gave them a white sheet of paper to glue their pieces together and add a backdrop to really give it that superhero pizazz. 

Throughout the week, we also reviewed this poem that my intern and I worked together to create to help students remember the difference between the two. I had them do TPR (body movements) to go along with "sus lados has de sumar" (fingers make the shape of a square) and "contar los lados debes hacer" (make square counting motion).