Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nothing like a little math art...

This week we have been reviewing a variety of the concepts covered in our latest math chapter (for those of you who use Everyday Math- we just finished Ch. 7). As part of our review we have been having a little fun and doing some art and math combo projects.

The first, I found in this Math Art Projects and Activities book, that I borrowed from one of my colleagues. We have been studying basic multiplication using arrays, and I found this really cute constellation project to reinforce this. I gave each student a different multiplication problem, a piece of black paper, and a star shaped sponge and they went to town. They look perfect hanging from our ceiling- like a little starry night :)

We have also been working on measurement- specifically using inches and centimeters as well as a ruler as a tool for drawing a straight line. I have done this "Elastic Man" project in the past. The students must follow the number of inches listed on the activity sheet to create their bendable friend. However this year, I took it a step further, and had my students write stories during our Writer's Workshop time about their "Elastic Man/Woman" as well. They got quite creative with them. Check out a few below!

What types of math and art combo creations do you do in your classroom? I would love to hear your ideas!

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