Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teacher Week 13' - Parte Tres

It's day three of Teacher Week 13' and it's going to be a short and sweet one tonight folks as I am wiped out from a day of classroom organization with our new teachers! 

Fancy that, the theme of today is "classroom organization". 
Now, if you are interested in how I organized my classroom last year, you are more than welcome to check out my "classroom tour" post from last school year here
As you know...there is no new classroom photos to show this year...(but get pumped for some really sweet office ones in the coming weeks ;)).

However, I did want to share a little organization tip (and freebie!) with you all tonight. Once of the most important parts of effective classroom organization is not only in how you organize student materials, but your own materials as the teacher as well.

One of the things that has helped me greatly over the last year or two is having a variety of well organized binders to put all of that ever-so-important paperwork we have for everything under the sun! I am talkin' lesson plans, guided reading schedules, meeting notes, professional development handouts, you name it. It is important to keep all of it organized or it is so easy to have it get lost in the shuffle.

Here are some examples of my binders from this past school year (super themed of course).

Thought you guys might enjoy a cup of this organizational bliss as well, so I tweaked them a bit and made them a little more universal (simple- no specific theme) as well as made them editable so that you could change the name and school to personalize them for yourself. I also include one black template for you to add your own title if you would like. There are 9 covers already created + 1 create your own for a total of 10 in all.

Click on the image to download and enjoy. I would really appreciate your feedback, and good luck getting organized in the coming days for your kiddos!


  1. We also have PLC meetings at my school. Every Wednesday my principal has set aside a time for us to meet and discuss whatever needs to be discussed! Your binder covers are really cute! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Yes, we met every Wed. last year as well during our planning periods! You are welcome. Hope they will be of use to you!