Friday, August 9, 2013

Five For Friday - Back to School Style

I'm back for another edition of "Five for Friday" scatterbrain just loves this linky!

First things first, I spent today giving my Pinterest a bit of a makeover - "Super" style! All of my boards now incorporate my theme, are much more organized, and I have tried my best to purge some doubles and items that may have been "pinned on a whim" ;))! Check it out (...and feel free to follow me if you aren't already!)

Numero dos on my agenda for this week was doing a little back to school shopping. I am always one for a good deal and some serious sales. Thus, I had to share my seriously stellar find with you all.

Now these are remarkable for three reasons:
1. They are capris that actually look like "capris" and not jeans on me.
2. They are turquoise...therefore dressy enough to pull off at work because they aren't true "jeans".
3. They were 8 dollars, I repeat, 8 dollars on clearance!

Dear Kohls, You Rock, Love, Krista.
PS. Grab your pair of these lovelies here.

This leads me to number three on my week of randomness...a little sweetness added in. 
This summer I have taken on a fondness for cooking and trying new recipes...and thus have also taken on a fondness for taking photos of my food creations! Check out this deliciousness.

Yes, those are almond butter blondies folks. And yes you can find the recipe for this healthy-ish treat by clicking on that decadent image above!

Number four leads me to a book I have been diving into a bit this week entitled...

I first bought this book when I was working on my administrative Masters and thought I would pull it back out to try and find some ideas for celebrating, recognizing, and having some fun with the dual staff this year. Part of being a coach is positive support, right...all over it ;)!

Finally, I finished up "My First Day of School...(a Keepsake Book)" pack for you all! I know some of you have already gone back to school (fail on my end right)...but we don't until the I think I was slackin' a bit and still trying to hold on to my last few weeks of summer! Either way it is complete and comes in both English and Spanish of course. It contains a cover as well as 8 pages that your kiddos can work on that will serve as a memory of their first day with you! Check it out by clicking on the spread below!


  1. Oooh, I love me a good deal! Must hit up Kohl's! :)

    Teach On.

  2. Oh, yes! Don't you hear it? Kohl's is calling my name!

    1. That store always lures me in! Always good finds!

  3. Wow! I love the turquoise capris, which is what I will call mine instead of jeans! Thanks=)
    TGIF- Third Grade Is Fun

    1. Haha....that is exactly how I pull them off! They aren't technically "blue jeans;)"!

  4. I was worried with your new position ( congrats!) you wouldn't post as many classroom activities. You are my favorite blog so I am so glad to see you are still posting stuff for us in the classroom! Thanks for sharing all your hard work! :)

    1. Aww...thank you for this comment Lindsey. You are too kind! It is my goal to still continue to post as many activities I can. I will still be in the classrooms this year modeling for the teachers and working with them on anything they need, so I am hoping to still have lots of opportunities for creativity...and I am sure they will provide me with a ton of wonderful ideas to share as well!