Thursday, August 1, 2013

Old School... Back to School...Freebies!


Linking up with Cara @ First Grade Parade for a little Throwback Thursday - Back to School Style as well as Classroom Freebies for Charity's Organizational/Back to School Linky.

Last summer, I shared these classroom organizational tools I created with you all that I must say worked marvelously for me throughout the year! Here is a little reminder...and you can click on any of the images that suit your fancy to head to my TpT store and get a free copy of your own!

First...numbered sticks! These puppies (once created) can be used year after year and prove to be so much more efficient than writing students names at the beginning of each new year. Plus they look adorable (at least I think ;)). 

I just printed, cut, laminated, and hot glued these babies to large popsicle sticks and there ya have it! They are still in wonderful condition after a year of use!

I also shared with you all a fun way to display how each of your students goes home each day. I utilized this clip chart all year long and had clothepins with each of my students names on the corresponding circle for how they went home. On the "busser" clips, I also added the students' bus number. It was quite simple for my to use as a quick reminder as well as to share with a sub where to look if there was ever a question!

Once again to put it together it is just a matter of cutting out the circles and laminating them. I then just actually clipped them to the ribbon, but you could hot glue for extra reinforcement as well if ya'd like!

If you download either of these "flashback freebies", I'd really appreciate/love your feedback guys! Also, don't forget to check out all of the rest of the super freebies and "throwbacks" linked up with the lovely ladies mentioned above!

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