Saturday, August 31, 2013

My New Digs Revealed!

As most of you know, I have moved from a spacious classroom to a luxurious closet  office this year in my new position. So now that the hustle and bustle of the first week has finally slowed down, I finally had some time to snap some photos for all of you! It isn't quite exciting as a classroom...I'll admit...but bear with me ;)! There are some things I am pretty excited about that involve my fab dual staff inside!

So here we are...step on in!

Here is my resource library. I compiled a variety of my favorite read alouds from my classroom and organized them by genre/content area for teachers to borrow and utilize with their students. Whenever I go into rooms, I may pull them for a lesson as well!

Here is the little checkout board I have hanging on my wall. (I know, i know...they have technology for this nowadays...but until I am blessed with an iPad, this will have to do!)

I also took my lovely little pink mirror from my classroom and placed it above my shelf. The frame statement that once said "The reflection of a superkid..." now reads "The reflection of a super teacher..."! (I know I am a total dork.) But teachers need some lovin' too, right?

I also hung this "Super Resources" bulletin board next to the resource library as a place to put information about upcoming events, interesting articles, handouts, sign ups, you name it for the teachers. 

As you move your way around this expansive space you get a nice glimpse of my beautiful modern pipe art ;)! I did try and get a little creative in tying one is as my magnet holder!

Here is my former guided reading cart turned storage place for resources I will be utilizing in the classrooms throughout the week.

And of course no office of mine would be complete without a little monkey action. I just couldn't part with them seeing as they make me think of all of my sweet kiddos over the years who have brought them to me!

I created labels for all of my bins, crates, file holders you name it. Tried to create a little uniformity (and get as organized as possible)!

Here is my actual desk space. I took the "LEER" letters that used to be in my classroom library last year and used wood glue to adhere them to a small board so they could stand on a shelf.

Finally one of my favorite areas in my new place is my "Super Inspiration" bulletin board. I added some of my favorite quotes in Spanish as well as am planning on pinning up cards, notes, and anything "inspiring" I receive throughout the year as a constant reminder as to why I do what I do!

You can snag your free copy of these quotes in Spanish here. There are 5 x 7 in size. It hasn't been tested on my end, but you may be able to stick them in frames as well!

Fonts/Graphics: Kimberly Geswein, Krista Wallden

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  1. Great office tour- looks like your room is definitely a great place to go for resources! I love how everything is labeled!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

    1. Thanks Maria! I am hoping it turns out to be useful for them!

  2. Your room looks great!! I love the colors you have picked!


    1. Thanks April! Most of the stuff was actually what I used in my classroom last I just tried to make it work in my office too!

  3. Even though you downsized. It looks great. I like how everything is so organized.


  4. Wow! Krista, you managed to make your closet look amazing! :)
    I hope you're loving your new role - I know the dual teachers are lucky to have you!

    Mrs. Castro's Class

    1. Thanks Laura! We are missing you! But I am glad it sounds like you have found a position you are truly enjoying!

  5. Your office looks great. Love the black and white! The flower you have is a great touch! Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

    1. Thanks for hosting Courtney. It is always exciting to see how other organized their rooms!

  6. Krista- You're new office looks amazing! It honestly doesn't even look like an office, but a mini classroom.. Our district (yep, we teach in the same one. I also think we've taken a couple of classes together.) is so lucky to have someone like you who has the passion to inspire staff and students! Keep up the great work and hopefully I'll see you around the district!

    Turtley Loving Teaching

    1. Aww thank you Amy! I am so glad that you brought it to my attention that we work in the same district! You def. look familiar from your blog pictures! Now I can put a face with the name. How fun to have a fellow blogger to share ideas with! Looking forward to seeing you around and checking out all of your school year happenings on your blog!

  7. Cutest classroom ever! I'll be sharing this post today at FlapJack! Thanks for all you do for us bilingual people, Krista!

    FlapJack Educational Resources Blog

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