Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Trip Around the Word & a Freebie!

My classroom is all a buzz -packin, gettin our passports ready, etc.----WHY?, you ask. Because we are taking a trip around the world! 

Here is our suitcase.

We had to pack of course. Click on the picture to enlarge the image- pretty humorous- let's do a little "I Spy". Do you spy a cell phone? A DSI? A fruit roll up? A hair dryer? Bulls gear? They are too funny!

Then of course we had to get our passports. It's not the greatest picture ever, but on the right you can see there is a space for a stamp from each continent (it continues on the next page). I stamp my students passports after they complete all of the activities required in the continent and they are getting ready to "leave".

This is our "Continent Data" chart. Before we enter each continent, I read to my students a little brief intro. of the continent we are traveling too and we fill our this sheet to keep our facts straight! They keep this with them in their luggage as it is important to be informed about where you are traveling! We just entered our first continent of SA today- so no worries---I will share more along the way!

Also, I will be including some of these activities in my upcoming "Continents" unit I am in the works of finishing up- so keep your eye out for it!

Leaving you with a quick freebie today. We are working on plural suffixes in Spanish currently. I will then be bridging these suffixes into English with my kiddos next week. I am OBSESSED with sorts in my room, thus here are the word sorts we will be working with to practice these word endings!

Hope they are helpful! 


  1. This looks great. Our school holds a "multicultural Day" every year. We invite speakers in from any country we can find. The whole school (six classrooms) get passports and travel around the world all day long. You can read more about it on my blog. Just look for the subject about it. If you post a message, it will remind me to send you our passport to see if you'd like to use it.


    Second In Line

  2. where did you get your country stamps!?? That's really cool!!

    1. I actually borrow them from my colleague. However, I know you can search for them online and they pop up! I searched last year, and was just too cheap to get some at the moment because I knew I could just share with her. They are really nice though!

  3. Enjoy your trip! ;)
    I LOVE doing this with my own kiddos around the holidays!

    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog

  4. Did you draw the world map? great project!

    1. To be honest- I used a lot of white out! My monolingual colleagues gave me the map and I just whited out the English and added my own Spanish! The things we do as bilingual teachers!

    2. I am the queen of the whiteout tape! I'm so glad I found your blog, I've wanted to create a blog like yours but I'm not that creative lol thank you for all your hardwork and for sharing