Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Open House!

Tonight we had our Spring Open House....whoosh I am super exhausted! But I love Open House - it is always so much fun for the kids to be able to show their parents all that they have been learning! So here is a little glimpse into the tour that my kiddos gave their parents tonight- they were the "super" tour guides! 

Okay...this first one is a little off the "tour" path, but I just had to post it. Each one of the staff members created a flower to put on the office window thanking out secretaries on Secretary's Day. Aren't they springy!

Okay now really...on with the tour...

When each student arrived, they had to pick up their Open House Checklist to help guide them through their tour! (We practiced using it today in class- always a good idea!)

The table with the checklists, some photos of events from our year, and our "Super Recycle Hero" bulletin board!

Welcome to our room! I have the most well behaved students...they are such good listeners ;).

The students created a picture of themselves and we wrote acrostic poems as part of our poetry unit with their names and words describing them! 

(Some got quite creative with it.... haha)

You can click on the image for a copy of the activity page I used for the acrostic poems in English and Spanish. Note: The Spanish one you do need to add an accent in "acróstico". The font I used was anti accent!

(Clipart: Scrappin Doodles, The Digital Bake Shop)

We set out our writing portfolios and poetry books that we have been working on for our parents to see!

Our "Rainforest Haikus" from our visit to South America, and our "Green Kids".

This is a glimpse into our pod. (You can see our "Earth Day Collages" and "Super Gallon Man".) Our school was built in the 70's. Apparently the pod thing was big. 

A treat for my super tour guides after finishing their tour!

Alright so that may have been an abbreviated students did much better...but you get the just. Off to bed! Tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Wow! You really went to a lot of work to get that ready! I love your acrostic poem kids! I'm sure the parents were thrilled when they saw all the work their kids have been up to!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. That looks great. Your classroom looks so organized and full of learning. I love the idea of creating a themselves on their desks.

  3. Wow your classroom looks wonderful and so full of wonderful projects. I love all the creative assignments.

  4. Hi!! Cute blog! I am your newest follower! I found you through TBTS!


  5. I LOVE all of these ideas. What a great display for open house! My favorite are the drawings of students with the acrostic poem. I wish we had an Open House at our school. We have a Back To School Night the day before school begins, but not an Open House for parents to check out what has been going on in the classroom.:(

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Love your adorable people. And I will probably be begging you for help next year when I move to a new school that has a higher ESL population than I'm used to...and have no spanish background! Thanks for commenting on my post so I could find you! :)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

    1. No problem! I would love to help however I can! Thanks for visiting :)


  7. Looks Super! I love your dulces para los Súper Smarties!
    First Grade Dual