Sunday, April 15, 2012

Super Sunday and "Teacher's Pet"

Happy Super Sunday!

The weather is kind of crazy around here- any other midwesterners have all the storms last night? I think we are supposed to get worse ones here this afternoon too....ugh.

The super themed item I have for you on this "super" stormy Sunday (check out that alliteration ;)) is our "Give a Super Compliment" activity. At the beginning of the school year, as part of our character building, we discuss what it means to give a compliment to someone. Then the kids practice writing compliments to one another. We discuss how to add important details, how to make them more meaningful (because otherwise you will get 100 "I like your shoes" etc.). I just have a little labeled bin in which I place the "Give a Compliment" papers and the kids can go pick on up at any time they feel like they would like to share something wonderful about one of their peers. They they put it in our fabulous "Give a Compliment" monkey basket, and I read them and pass them our at our morning meeting each Monday. 

Click on the handout to download the slips we use for this activity in English and Spanish!

I am also linking up with Sandy @ Soaring Through Second Grade for her ....

Who doesn't want to share about their pet? Such a great idea!
Thus, I introduce you to my furry friend (and furry is an understatement!)- Miss Bella Carlson. (It's pronounced the Spanish way, not like the Twilight character ;)!) 

Here is my little fluffball as a puppy!

She is a great helper.

So loving- and photogenic- Don't you think?!
The picture on the right is her most recent- she is growing up so fast- already 2 years old!

And she is ready for the summer time just like her mama!

So we are supposed to share one thing our pet has taught us. I honestly think there is probably more than one- but as most would say I am sure- just unconditional love. I come in from work and she acts like I have been gone for years (tail waggin, lickin, jumpin for joy)! Furthermore, she is just so full of personality. They say pets take after their owners and I see my goofy, flighty, yet high strung personality in her for sure! It's too funny!

Can't wait to see all of your "teacher's pets"!


  1. Oh my goodness Miss Bella Carlson is so stinkin' cute!!! Her pictures made me smile! Especially the one of her on the raft, ready for summer! I can tell she has a lot of personality! Thanks for sharing her! :)

    Also- thank you for the super compliment papers! This will be a perfect activity for this time of year!!! :)

  2. She is adorable! Kinda like a Berenstain bear...PRECIOUS! I've linked up to the party too, so come by and meet Miss Maggie Bleu!

    Furbaby Blessings,

  3. She is so sweet. I love her little sweaters:))

    Surfin' Through Second

  4. What a cutie! Sometimes I am amazed at how much personality can fit into a small dog. :) My favorite picture is the one of her on the floatie...priceless! ~Amanda @ The Teaching Thief

  5. I'm so glad you found my blog and commented. Now, I'm your newest follower! I love your compliment basket idea! I'm going to pin that one for next year. Your little dog is so stinkin' cute!

    Primarily Speaking

  6. CUTE! My dogs are my pets so I am glad to see someone else who loves animals and shares about them! I am new to blogger and having a blast! If you are interested in integrating technology- maybe stop by my blog! I am your new follower!