Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Collages

Alright, so here is Earth Day Part 2!

We started these collages on Friday and finished them up today. It is kind of a lengthy project, but the kids love it and they look sooooooo cool!

So here is the deal. Each kids get a 11 x 17 piece of paper. They have to create a collage on the paper with photos or illustrations from magazines displaying things found in nature and/or natural resources. (I will say I am thankful that we already completed our unit on goods and resources as it was an easy tie-in!).

After completing the collage aspect, the students had to think of a word or phrase that they thought was important for Earth Day and that went well with their collage. They created the word or phrase by cutting out invidual letters from the magazines and putting them together to form words.

(I will say if you want to do this activity make sure you have a lot of nature magazines on hand and/or ask your students parents to donate some. I know my grandma always gets free calendars in the mail- these work amazingly for the big photos!)

Here are some of our finished products:

"the planet"

"be green"

"help the earth"

"i love the earth"

They look pretty sweet, right?!

Happy Earth Day!