Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Fair Beauts'

So our annual literacy night and spring book fair were on Thursday. I always love to see how excited it makes the kids about books and reading! 

As teachers, we have the opportunity to create a wish list. The PTO then posts our wish lists and when parents come to the book fair, they can purchase a book for their child's classroom.

I received some books that I am just jumpin' in my jeans' about from my students, so I thought why not share a few with you. Maybe they will be at your book fair too!

I spent my lazy Saturday morning reading these children's picture books on my porch. My neighbors may have been judging ;)....but I got some pretty snapshots for ya!

"Mother's Day Surprise" by Stephen Krensky, is a cute read aloud for Mother's Day about a snake who is having a hard time finding the perfect gift for her mother for Mother's Day. She eventually decides (as your can see in the last picture) to form herself into an adorable heart shape to show her mother how she feels about her. Cute one for the upcoming holiday!

"Manners Mash-Up" seriously just cracks me up! Each page has colorful illustrations that share what good manners are in a variety of locations. The authors share everything from classroom manners, to being a good sport, to my def. fave "not picking in public". You can see this page in the right hand corner. It seriously lists a variety of things - wedgies, noses, belly lint etc. that should not be picked in public! You gotta laugh!

"Heroes de la NBA" by Paul Ladewski. One of my boys got me this- and can we discuss how perfect to reel in all the boys when working on non-fiction retells and/or biographies. It has one page brief bios of a variety of players, and I was thrilled because this one is in Spanish! (I am sure it can be located in English as well). We will def. be readin this in the near future for a little main idea/detail action!

"Fancy Nancy- Poet Extraordinaire!" by Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser- seriously you cannot find a more perfect book for poetry month! Of course it contains Nancy's typical "fancy" word breakdown throughout, as well as great ideas for students such as what to do if they get writer's block, how to set the mood for writing poetry and necessary materials, examples of a variety of types of poetry, etc. It is seriously extraordinary! 

Anyone else find any good reads lately? I LOVE new books! It's like Christmas in spring!


  1. These look like great books! I enjoy getting new books too! So much fun!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Hi Krista! We are your newest followers. I just discovered your ADORABLE blog. I too LOVE finding/getting new books. Thanks for sharing some of your new finds!


  3. Thanks for sharing! I love finding new books. I must get Mother's Day Surprise. It looks great!