Sunday, March 11, 2012

TpT Grand Opening!

Happy "Super" Sunday!

I officially posted my first item at my TpT store! Some of you had been asking for the "Super Themed" Writing Workshop posters that I use in my classroom. Well...I finally got around to getting them to you all! I hope you enjoy them (and as they are my very first item, they are free!). I'd love it if you'd leave me some feedback!

I am currently finishing up a combined bilingual unit on "How Goods Move/Natural Resource Conservation" as well. Be looking forward to that soon- as I know I will be looking forward to having it finished up! It's a lot of work doing everything in two languages!

Ohh...and don't forget to enter my "Super Cincuenta Giveaway"! 


  1. I am so happy to have found another teacher that uses Conscious Discipline. I LOVE it! Do all teachers at your school use it?

    BTW- Your pack looks really cute!

    Heather's Heart

    1. I actually learned about it when I student taught and have used it ever since! Most of the teachers in that building used it in conjunction with PBIS. I have shared some of the books and ideas with the teachers in my current building and everyone who I have shared with with seems to love it as well. Do you have favorite activities you like to do to go along with it? I am always looking for new ideas!