Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crafty Class Card Idea

Tomorrow is my last day before my spring break! So ready! Of course we thought it brilliant to plan a fieldtrip... so needless to say it will be even crazier than normal "day before spring break crazy". We are headin over to the public library to get the kids pumped about it before they head into break!

I know many of you are taking part in the "Teachers Taking Care of Teachers" outreach effort and thus, I thought you would appreciate the following little creation we put together today!(If you are not a part of it, it is not to late to help- click here, and it will take you to the document on which you can sign up!)

I took the idea of creating a "post-it" thank you card from Sra. Carro over at FlapJack Educational Resources, and ran with it to create a "post-it" encouragement card with my students to go along with the package we are sending to the classroom we signed up to help! It turned out super cute, and I must say that it was sooooooo much less time consuming that having them make individual cards or all sign one big one! I will def. be using this idea again for other card creations in the future!

Click on the images to see them better!

This is the front! (I punched holes to tie the ribbon through.)

And the middle! Oh lah lah!

No, I don't have that few kids. We put some on the back too. Didn't want to leave any space untouched! Before we wrote our post-its, we talked about how to write "words of encouragement" and my kiddos did such a great/thoughtful job with the simple words that they wrote.

On a final note- some of you have already linked up some wonderful "spring time" activities! Make sure you guys check them all out, and feel free to link your spring things too!


  1. I saw this cuteness somewhere on Pinterest. Such a great idea!

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. That's where I originally found it! It was sooo incredibly simple too!

  2. What an awesome idea! So cute!!

    Have a great spring break!


    1. Thanks Krista :) You always have such thoughtful comments! I love it!