Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Super Sentence Lesson

To support my kiddos in spicing up their writing introductions, we are focusing this week on exploring the 4 types of sentences. Yesterday, I introduced/reviewed the four types of sentences and we created an anchor chart. Then today we did this fun little activity that I threw together, to practice writing some examples of the four types!

After a brief review (including some def. reflection on use of punctuation), I gave each of my students a  post-it note in which I wrote the name of one of the types of sentences on the sticky side. They had to look at the name, and using their knowledge and the sentence anchor chart come up with a sentence that reflected that type to write on the other side. I gave them about two minutes, then we all came back to the carpet and the kids took turns reading their sentences one-by-one, while the rest of their classmates guessed which type of sentence they had written. I reminded the kids before they read how important their expression in reading their sentence was as well in helping their classmates to identify it correctly. It was great, and I was surprised at how attentive they were while every classmate shared! Worked like a charm ;)

Tomorrow we will be taking a look at some mentor texts to see how different authors use the various sentence types to begin their stories!

On a different note- I received "The Lovely Blog" award awhile back from my dear friends Amy, Gretchen, and Shelley @ 3 Teacher Chicks and Sheri @ 1st Grade Rocks and recently from Jessica @ Confessions of a Primary Teacher. Thank you again ladies! It is MUCH appreciated! Now, I am finally getting around to doing my much honored duty of giving this award to some other very lovely blogs! (Let me tell you this was not as easy task as many of you (because you are all so lovely) have already received this honor!) Thus, I thought I would give this out to some newer blogs I have recently come across! And the winners are......

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And to leave you with you a good chuckle, I have a student paper to share. We were reviewing probability vocabularly this morning during our intervention block. The students had to write an event or happening that fit with the proper term related to probability (ie. improbable, impossible, etc.). 

(Note: This is one of my native English speakers- so the grammer isn't perfect!- but the content is great!) Most of them are pretty typical answers....but the last one- "Seguro" (Certain)- He writes "It is certain that I am funny." (Really? haha...as I laughed.)


  1. Love your blog Krista! Looking forward to sharing with you too! DUAL ROCKS!

  2. Hi Krista!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the award! You can "blow up" my comments anytime you like! I love feedback! Your blog is really beautiful! Love the background and can't wait to start sharing ideas!!


    Today, in Second Grade