Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Day Bag Project, Last Day for Giveaway!

So I went shopping yesterday. It's possible certain I may have gone a little overboard in the new shoe department. However, as I know you all can appreciate (as I have seen some of your fantastically fashionable posts as well), I got a good deal on all of them- and the zinger....I can wear all of these sandals to school, because they are not technically "flip flops". Is anyone else as obsessed with wedges as I am? Being a soaring minute 5 feet tall myself, finding shoes that give me some height and that are comfy enough to wear to school all day is A-mazing!

Alright, thanks for letting me share my tangental (not sure that's a word) shoe excitement. On to the educational business...

Has anyone else ever participated in the "Earth Day Groceries Project"?  If not, here is the "quick" lowdown. At the beginning of April, when you are on your weekly grocery store visit, take a moment to ask the store manager if they could donate paper bags for this project. You snag enough for just your class or if you really want to do it up- get your whole school involved. I have done both in the past. Once you have all of your paper bags (I would get one for each student participating) then you bring them back to school and all of the students decorate one bag with an earth friendly message or picture. Then, you simply return the bags to the store, and on Earth Day they will use them to bag up all of the customers items. The kids absolutely love going to the store that day with their parents to see all of the bags! It's such a simple way to send a positive message and get the kids involved in a short and sweet service learning activity. Click on the icon above to learn more!

Finally just a reminder that this is the last day to enter our "Dazzling Double Giveaway"! It ends tonight  (March 31/April 1) at midnight! I have had so much fun reading all of your $100 classroom shopping spree responses thus far, and I want to thank you guys for taking a moment out of your day to share your thoughts and participate in our giveaway! Casey and I super excited about it, so if you haven't entered yet (and you still want to), don't delay, do it today! (Because like I ends tonight!) 

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  1. I just have to say I love all of those shoes! The middle ones are my favorite:) We don't have a lot a shopping choices here and I end up wearing the same pair of Old Navy slippers (flip flops) to school every day. Okay heading over to post about your giveaway before it ends.
    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Thanks Corinna! I thought they were pretty fun!

  2. I love your shoes. I can't believe your are not allowed to wear flip flops to school. I wear them everyday during Summer! (The ones in the middle are also my favorite)