Monday, March 26, 2012

Super Monday?....and 100 Followers!

Alright, so technically my super related post is supposed to happen on Sunday, because clearly the alliteration of "Super Sunday" sounds way cooler....but I failed and was all sorts of busy- so you get it today ;)!

Here she is- my super teacher cape- isn't she a beaut!

So here's the deal- In my dual language classroom, I speak Spanish the majority of my day (80%) to be exact. The other 20% is in English. In our building, to help our students distinguish between what language they should be using at a given time, most people put something on such as a scarf that they designate as their English scarf, and that teacher then only uses English when it is on. I elected to use a cape (obviously), because superkids must have a super teacher. Usually when we are getting ready to switch into English time then to make the transition, I have my students "change their ears" before I put on my cape. To do this we simply put our fingers up to our ears, count 1,2,3 "clic" (in Spanish) and make a turning motion with our fingers. I then put my magic cape on and suddenly I only speak English and they have changed their ears and brains to be ready for the other language as well. We do the same when I take my cape off...but in English this time to switch back to Spanish. At the beginning of the year, I ensure my students that my cape is magical. When I put it on, I can only speak English, and without it I only know Spanish. The only exception to this rule is during our bridging time between languages in which we use both, and we use a special symbol for initiating this time as well.

I have to add this side note, because I think it is super special. When I initially started using a cape, I actually cut one off of one of my friends "Super Woman" halloween costume. However, last year, one of my darling students came to school on Halloween actually, with this sparkly brand spankin' new one that her and her mother had made for me. I about peed my pants with joy. It's the little things! Still wearing it faithfully every day!

On a completely different note- I have reached 100 super followers! I feel like I just had my 50 giveaway, and I cannot believe how fast this crept up on me! Needless to say, I could not be more thrilled that you all think it worthy of your time to stop by and check out my little ole' blog! I am having so much fun sharing my ideas with you guys, and equally as much (if not more) reading all of your ideas in return! THANK YOU MUCHO!

To celebrate this fabulouslessness, Casey from Second Grade Math Maniac and I are planning on teaming up for a 100 follower "dual" giveaway as she is right there as well! We are both finishing up some super new units so make sure you stay tuned as we plan to post them and give some away to say thank you to you all for your support, within the next couple days! 

Also, just a wanted to remind you all to keep linkin up your spring activities, and most importantly check out the great ones that have already been linked up! There are some wonderful ideas, that I will most definitely be utilizing in my classroom :)! Click on the image to go to the post. 

Lastly, a good Monday chuckle! (Hope your week is off to a great start :))


  1. I love reading Peanuts! This one made me laugh!!! Congrats on your followers! Your blog is great!

    2nd Grade Rocks!

  2. Congratulations on 100 followers!! I love the sparkly cape. Very cool!

    Have a great week!