Saturday, June 14, 2014

Guest Blog Week- Day #7: Minion Sentences

It's Day #7 (the last one) of Guest Blog Week!
Please welcome Yara from Sea of Knowledge and check out her game idea below!

Hello teacher friends! I'm so excited to be a part of the blog hop for the awesome Krista Carlson from Second Grade Superkids, she is getting married and will be away the next couple of weeks - congratulations Krista it is such and exciting time!! :) 

Anyway, I'm here to share a great activity game board which can be played with any set of word cards! Any that you have you can play it with to revise vocabulary and words in context. This board game will be free on the blog for subscribers. :) A bigger set of board games will be coming to TPT soon!

Anyway, here is how you could set up this game:

Firstly, print the board on an A3 sized sheet of card stock (easily done at any local office shop - in Australia we have Officeworks). Laminate this for durability. You can print 2 more depending on how many groups you'd like to form in the class.

Have a set of dice ready!

Prepare figurines which would represent each player, you can buy these here on eBay for a great price: 

Or, you could print these out which I've made as an alternative. Click on the picture to get them for free:
 Next, have a set of words ready for the game, these could be ANY set of word lists that you are teaching or reinforcing for the week. As long as the card words cannot be seen when the cards are flipped over. Here are some flashcard sets I use with my ESL students if you'd like to take a look:

 You can have a look at all the sets in my store here: Flashcard Sets ESL World.

Lastly, you can have a set of cards ready for each group or split cards so that each group gets a different list and explain the rules of the game: 
Rules: Choose a card from the pile (face down), say the word and then create a sentence using the word. If the sentence is correct, you keep the card and move on. The first to finish and have the most cards wins.

 Click on the picture to download the game for free!

Finally, walk around and check to make sure no one is cheating! My class had a blast with this game! Hope yours enjoy it too, would love to hear some comments! :)

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