Thursday, June 12, 2014

Guest Blog Post - Day #5: Money Scoot

It's Day #5 of Guest Blog Week!
Please welcome Stephanie from The Learning Chambers and check out her game idea below!

Hi y'all!  I'm super excited to be guest blogging today for Krista's "While the teacher's away, the blogger's will play!" week.  My name is Stephanie, and I blog over at The Learning Chambers.  This year was my first year as a Second Grade Dual Language teacher, so Krista's blog has been a new favorite of mine.

Now to get started on the post, and to share my game that I created especially for this weekly party.  I hope you guys enjoy it!

This year we just started a new math curriculum, and it has been a little challenging for my kiddos.  The best way I've found to review concepts is to play games that help the students practice the skills on their own or with their partner.  Their absolute favorite game to help them review is scoot.  I know what you're probably thinking....scoot is nothing new!  But I promise if you stick with me, you'll find a few new ways to make this scoot game into an engaging end of year review.

This scoot game is all about the money!  My kiddos really struggled with counting groups of coins, so I created this scoot game to help them practice counting a mixed group of coins.

To get started, you'll need to print out the coin cards and cut them out.  Since it's the end of the school year, I decided to make the cards using black and white coin clipart to make it easier on your printer.  I printed my cards on colored cardstock, but you could also print it on white cardstock and have your students color the coins.  That would be a great way for them to review the different coins, and give them ownership of the game.

Next, you'll need to place one coin card on each student's desk and give each of your students a recording sheet.  The students will start out at their own desk, and they will count and record the amount of coins on their recording sheet.  If they have card #6, they will record the amount in box #6 on their recording sheet.

When you say "scoot," the students will move to the next desk over, and repeat the steps.  The students will continue to switch desks until they have filled in their whole recording sheet.

I also included an answer key for this game, to help your students check their work.  Sometimes I project the answer key onto my activboard to help them check their work, and other times I have them check their partner's work.  I even use it as a quick check to see who needs to be retaught a concept in small group.

My kids also love when I let them create their own scoot games.  I will give them each one index card, and ask them to write an amount on the card.  Then I number them, and we play the scoot game again with a new recording sheet.  This time the kids will look at the amount, and draw a group of coins that totals that amount on their recording sheet.  I taught my kids to just draw a circle with the coin amount written in the middle to represent each coin.  This is a little more challenging and differentiated, because different coins can equal that amount.  You could even have the kids color, cut out, and glue on a set of coins onto the index card to play another similar scoot game.  My kids have really enjoyed creating their own scoot games!  Talk about creating ownership!

So are you ready to play this game with your kiddos?  Just click on the cover below to grab this coin scoot game.  I hope you enjoy playing this game with your kiddos, and remember you can only get this freebie here on Krista's blog.

If you liked my post and game, I would love if you would follow me on my blog to get more freebies and ideas.  If you are looking for an engaging beginning of school game using QR codes, click here to go to my blog and read a post about it.  I hope you have an awesome end of the school year and summer. 


  1. Thank you for sharing! Another alternative to this scoot game is to play it like "musical chairs".
    You simply place the cards on the floor around the perimeter of your classroom. Each child stands behind a card. When the music starts, the kids begin to circle the room. When the music stops, the kids freeze and glance down at their feet at the card by which they're standing. You quickly walk the circle and have each child tell you the amount shown on his/her card. It literally takes just a few seconds to circle the room! Kids can answer individually, or they can ask the help of someone standing next to them. Once all the kids have had a chance to respond, the music starts again! Even I love this game, and I'M the adult! :)

    1. Love this! And what kid doesn't enjoy playing musical chairs! Thanks for sharing Leslie!