Friday, June 13, 2014

Guest Blog Post - Day #6: Addition with Clothespins

It's Day #6 of Guest Blog Week!
Please welcome Leah from Lectura para Niños and check out her game idea below!

My sister (who is also a kindergarten teacher) saw this on Pinterest and I went with it!  My students LOVE playing this game!  They will play it over and over again and moan when it is time to clean up.  

1.  I purchased 2 sets of clothespins and a shoebox tub from the Dollar Tree. 
2.  Each student is provided with a clipart to “record their answers.” 

3.  Write your addition facts on each clothespin; i.e., 0+0=    1+0=    0+1=    1+1=    2+0=  0+2=   etc.  Throw your clothespins mixed up into the shoebox tub. 

4.  Create some number cards from 0-12 (or higher for when students are ready)
5.  The students use cubes, bears, or any counter you have to assist with completing the equation.  Once they have the answer, clip your equation to the answer.  Watch in amazement when the students find out that there are multiple equations for the same answer.  No matter how many times my students played this, it was always exciting to see the higher numbers were winning with the most equations.  If a clothespin breaks, no worries, toss it and create another! 
6.  The students record their equations on a piece of paper using their clipboards.  The clipboards are a MUST!  The clipboards make the students feel just like a teacher!  They CHEER every time they get to play this game!  Change it up using different counters, or different colored clipboards!  You can use Fancy Tape from Home Depot to decorate your clipboards as well!!!

If you'd like more ideas from Leah, please feel free to follow along with her at:

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