Monday, September 8, 2014

Pizza Box Mailboxes

Linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for a Monday Made It to kick off the school year!
When I began setting up my new classroom a few weeks ago, I realized that I had no mailboxes. Instead of utilizing my yearly teacher funds to purchase new ones, I decided I needed to get creative.

I had read several posts about teachers using shipping boxes for creating mailboxes and while I really liked the ideas - I also really wanted to try and figure out a free way to get some if possible.

That was when I ran across this post from Teach Preschool about how she used pizza boxes to create student drying racks. 

Thus, the hubs and I set out to visit our local Papa Johns.
And boy did we hit the jackpot.

We squished 26 pizza boxes into his tiny trunk and we were on our way. And did I mention the best part- when I explained what I wanted to do with them, the super kind manager gave all of them to us for absolutely free!

Once we got home, the hubs cut off the front portion of each box, and then I put/stacked them all together.

Once ready, it was heavy duty taping time.

Then I added labels to the inside of each box to correspond to student numbers. (It also covered up the red and black numbers left behind that were kind of an eye sore!)

Once I transported them to school, I added a little bulletin board paper and borders around the outside to blend in a bit more with our classroom decor.

And finally I placed them in this quaint little counter cubby to be easily accessed by my students each day!

And there you have it! Pizza box student mailboxes - a cheap (free), sturdy, and easy alternative if and when you need em'!


  1. Great idea! If I didn't have some already I'd totally do that!

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  2. These looks amazing! Super great idea! {obviously unused pizza boxes, yes?}

  3. That works perfectly! And preserves your funds for something exciting later! Great idea.

  4. These are really looking great in photos. I am getting custom pizza boxes for my own brand