Monday, September 15, 2014

Library Grand Opening

Our classroom library officially opened this past week with a new sign to boot!

On Thursday morning we did a guided discovery of our library and one of my kids noted how bare the wall above looked. I shared with her that I was trying to think of the perfect thing to put there and she said "Why don't we put up a sign for our library?". 

Why don't we? I thought - What a perfect idea!
Later that afternoon while my kids were in specials I cut out some quick letters and prepped for the sign creation. My kids had NWEA testing all afternoon on Thursday, so I thought creating the sign could not be a more perfect wind down, break break type activity for them.

I let them pick their partners and each grouping was given a letter. I gave them guidelines in which I shared that they could add whatever design they'd like to their letter but it must contain something related to reading or a library. Ie. Author's names, genres, favorite book characters, tools to create books, etc. 

I mean impressive are these!

The sign definitely spiced up the place, and now there won't be any confusion as to where to find the books!

Here are a few more shots of our little reading area:

No library is complete without a "Super Reader" sock monkey.

Some of our bookshelves - organized by genre.

We have a strict no outside rug policy in my new building. This was a tough one for me to let go of as I felt like the rug just made the whole area so much more homey - but I think it still turned out to be a quite the quaint little, inviting space with what we had to work with. And thanks to my student's help - our new sign definitely livened it it up and made it their own!

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  1. Super cute! I haven't "opened" up our library yet. Maybe I should do a fun reveal like this :)