Saturday, August 9, 2014

Super Site Sábado #8

This week I am bringing you another app that one of my colleagues discovered and shared with me last school year. 

"DeCuentos" is a FREE Spanish story app where students can listen to and watch popular children's stories read aloud via video. 

Here is a brief description given within the app itself.

As you can see with each story, students have the option to download the video, share it with others, or add it to their favorites list to listen to over and over again. 
These features may also be useful for teachers if there are particular stories you desire for your students to take a look at.

Here is an example of how the story list screen appears. You can see the three options I described above highlighted next to each story description as well as a still image of the video with the option to press play and begin watching. It is quite user friendly and easy to navigate for all.

Once a story is selected, students may either hear and see the actual book being read aloud.

Or, the storyteller may be utilizing props to set the story in motion for them.

As you may have noted in the list above, there are a few titles in English, however, the vast majority are in Spanish and what is even cooler is that almost all are read by native speakers.

Is this an app you could see yourself using in the classroom or with your own children at home? 
How would you use it?

I encourage you to give it a whirl as it is definitely a treasure for the price (which may I remind you is absolutely nothing!).

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  1. Thanks for this! Can't wait to use it :)
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