Friday, August 29, 2014

Meet & Greet

Wednesday afternoon our school hosted an Open House for parents and students to come meet their teachers, see their new classrooms, and drop off all of their supplies before the big first day this coming Tuesday!

I must say I am even MORE excited now to start this year with this adorable and energetic 3rd grade bunch!

Here are a few photos from the afternoon festivities. 

Instructions were up explaining to students and parents exactly where to put all of the supplies in order.  (And can we have a little I finally have a SmartBoard for the first time ever! Now to figure out how to use it productively ;)!)

Boxes were labeled to correspond with the posted instructions.

Take a moment to admire my fab new counter space. 
Can you guess what kind of room my classroom used to be? 

A few student materials went inside of their desks as well.

Parent paperwork along with their bubbly welcome gift (which you can find more about here) was also set out on top of their desks for them to find.

I also set out a small parent area as they walked in the door with information in English for them. As I teach Spanish Immersion this school year instead of Dual Language, many of my parents are now majority native English speakers, however, I still need to ensure I maintain the target language of Spanish at all times with my this is one way I could communicate info to them without actually having to share it all verbally :)!

And I saved the best part for last! Before students headed out, I had them all take a photo op in our super themed Photo Booth!

And yes, the super teacher even got in on the action!

Now I have some pictures to start the year off with as well as a great tool to practice names before the beginning of the year! The best part is brothers and sisters even hopped in, and it became a fun family photo op as well! 


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  2. Me encanta tu salón Krista! Vendes los banderines que cuelgan de las paredes? Me gustaria comparlos. =)

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    1. Thanks Amy! Hope your year is off to a great start as well!