Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Made It! (Tees & Birthdays)

Linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for the latest edition of "Monday Made It" today. 
I officially have two weeks until school starts (I know many of you have already gotten back into a routine). Alas, I am in the thick of "get ready mode"!

This week I worked to put together a few birthday balloons to be gifted to my students throughout the year. I did something similar with my last class and my students really enjoyed them and thought why reinvent the wheel when they work just fine! I have seen these done with pencils (I got mine at the Target Dollar Spot), silly straws, pixie sticks, etc. Really anything "stick-like" will do!

Simply print, cut, and tape and you are good to go for the year.

This week I also worked to create a "first day of school" outfit fit for a bilingual teacher. I have seen so many of those adorable "Happy 1st Day of School" tees come across blogs and Pinterest and found myself wishing so badly that they came in Spanish so that I, too, could be part of the "cool tee" club. Therefore I took it upon myself to do just that!

I hit up the craft supply store and purchased a cheap t-shirt and iron-on printable transfer paper.
I then created my own design in Spanish and printed it onto the transfer paper backwards (this is key so it will be the right direction on your tee.) There was a setting on my print screen in which I could flip horizontally everything that was being printed on the page. Each printer/computer may be different, so I suggest just checking to see how it's done and experimenting with it on a white sheet of paper first so you don't waste your transfer paper.

Once printed, I simply ironed on my design according to the transfer paper instructions and voila!

I am now a part of the "cool teacher tee club". Mission accomplished.

Also, I wanted to let you all know if you haven't already heard, TPT is hosting a second "Back-to-School" sale particularly for those teachers (like myself) that are still prepping to go back and/or who may have realized there are a few more items they'd like to add to the cart!

Super exciting news, I agree ;)!
My entire store along with many others will once again be on sale on August 20th for one day only for any/all interested in some last minute BTS shopping! Use code "BOOST" for 28% off all products!

Not only this, but some of my favorite bilingual blog friends and I will be hosting a blog hop alongside the sale that kicks off the same day! There will be freebies to be had and giveaways to be entered, so be sure to check back on Wednesday to take part in all the fun!


  1. Super cute T-shirt. We have a new Spanish teacher (our only language)...maybe I should team up with him to do some signs in my room in Spanish to throw the kids off.

    Kovescence of the Mind

  2. Love the t-shirt Krista! I wish we could wear cute t-shirts, but we have to wear the staff shirt on the first day. Ugh!