Saturday, July 26, 2014

Super Site Sábado #7

This week I am highlighting an app that one of my delightful former colleagues brought to my attention this past school year. 

Rosetta Stone Kids is a free application that offers the opportunity for students to build their letter/sound recognition, vocabulary and speaking/comprehension skills in both English and Spanish.
It is a great one for preschool and primary grades or for those who are working to first learn a new language.

The app utilizes these adorable and ridiculously fun little creatures called GoGoLingos to present the skills for practice. 

There are 3 activity options within the app. 

My favorite is the "Spanish Speak & Learn".

In this activity, kids are introduced to a new word by sharing for example "The word for dance in Spanish is...", it then pronounces it, and finally asks them to repeat by using the microphone feature on the phone/iPad. 

Once the child pronounces the word effectively, the GoGoLingo will "perform" the word definition. (Seriously, these little guys crack me up.)

It continues by adding on to the word and utilizing it in different contexts (i.e. dance fast, to the left, to the right, dance together, etc.)

Check out more about the other activities this app offers by watching this YouTube video all about it below :).