Saturday, July 19, 2014

Super Site Sábado #6

Hello-World is a site I came across this year that is not only particularly great for kids, but for people of all ages to learn about different languages in a fun, light-hearted way. I must say even I got hooked for awhile trying to pick up languages I had never even thought of trying out before.

The site is free to use and and offers options to learn vocabulary and more from 21 different languages around the world.

Here is a snapshot of what they are all about:

And here is a glimpse at some of the languages they offer:

Once you select a language, you will be brought to a screen with tons of options as to what you'd like to learn about.

Here is an example of a bingo game based on household vocabulary that I chose to play.
You will see and hear a vocabulary word and then must select the correct picture. If you get it right, it will be highlighted with the blue circle (looks a bit like a bingo chip!), and if you select wrong, you will get that sad looking red x. Obviously, the object is to get 5 in a row. You can see my win straight down the center. This game is offered with different vocabulary ranging over a variety of basic concepts.

Here is another activity example for practicing numbers. Kids love a good connect-the-dots picture and this one enables them to hear and practice numbers in the language of their choice at the same time. 

There is also an interactive dictionary under each language which you can use to locate words...

as well as hear them and see a picture reference. 

Another activity that I found to be pretty useful can be found under the "Main Concepts" heading for each language. Here, you can click on any of the key concepts that you are interested in learning more about and practice the vocabulary/listen to it on an interactive screen. For instance, on this calendar screen below, I can click on the days of the week, months, year, season etc. and they will all be read to me according. The season even changes with the month chosen!

Another neat aspect of the site is that if you and/or your students, etc. are not native speakers of English, the site can be translated into a different language for navigation purposes as well simply by selecting from the menu on the left-hand side bar. Pretty nifty, right?

There is seriously so much more to explore on this site. Thus, I think instead of hearing me gab about it more, you should really go check it out yourself! Hope you have a much fun as I did exploring Hello-World and learning new languages, even if it is only a word or two!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. This site looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to go check it out now!!