Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Super Bubbles - Monday Made It!

I am thrilled to finally be participating in a Monday Made It this summer. While I had plenty of wedding, household, you name it items that I did "make" this summer, this is the first time I thought you all may find what I made to be more up your alley! I am hoping to participate in a lot more in the weeks to come as there is only about a month before school starts and my creative juices are a flowin'!

That being said, yesterday evening, I worked to put together some BOY welcome gifts for my new thirdies. I have seen some really great bubble ideas come across on Pinterest. We had plenty left over from our wedding, so I thought I'd do a little reuse and repurpose type project. Thus, I took the ribbon off of the leftovers, added some new along with a paper cape to tie in my super hero theme, and there ya have it -  a "super" bubble welcome gift was born! 

It reads "I have been bubbling with excitement to meet you, superkid". 

I just used the trapezoid feature on Powerpoint to make the capes (fit 8 to a sheet on colored card stock) and then added the text and superhero to each side. For the finishing touch, my helper of a hubby glued on each bubble wand with hot glue. Somehow, I think he feels manly when he gets to use a glue gun ;).

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  1. Super cute idea! I love it and I am sure your students will too. I am a new blogger hopefully you will find time to follow my blog. I know right now I am new to the whole blogging spot but hopefully soon I can add more to the blogging community!