Thursday, September 12, 2013

Parent Night Freebies!

As I am not in my own classroom this year, my main role in this yearly adventure has just been to collaborate and help teachers prep as best I can. Thus, to start the day off right, I delivered a caffeine loaded, sugary treat to each of their rooms to help them surive the day ;)!

Everyone loves Rootbeer right? You can snag the tags by clicking on the image above!

This week I had the chance to also sit down and chat with staff members in prepping for this auspicious occasion and gleaned some great ideas for others or to use myself in the future!

One of my faves was this delightful, little apple poem one of our Kindy teachers put together that relays to parents their important role in their child's education as well! Your kiddos could simply color in the apple and add their name (for the cheaper route) or another teacher suggested buying apples to set out beside the poem/in a basket for the parents to take home! 

You can click on the image to snag this one as well! Then just print and cut in half and it's ready to go!


  1. I'd love to be out of the classroom to have time to share my ideas with my staff. I would be an amazing helper! Me encanto la idea para los padres de familia :)
    My Second Sense

    1. It is def. a huge change! I feel like I gain so much from hearing their ideas as well!