Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bilingual Book Lesson

I previously posted on some of the first lessons I did in the Dual Language classrooms throughout our building at the beginning of the year to introduce myself and get acquainted with the classes. One of the lessons you may remember that I did with the intermediate grades was based on a poem expressing the benefits of being bilingual. Feel free to view this previous post if you haven't already for a bit of background here.

Last week, one of the second grade teachers asked if I could do this lesson in her classroom as well, as she thought it would serve as a great reminder to her students as to why their being in a dual language classroom is such a gift! 

We decided it may be fun to take the original lesson one step further for her students in working to create a class book called "Being Bilingual is a Blast!". Each student received a book page with the key phrase "Being bilingual is a blast because..." and were asked to complete the statement with one or two of the ideas we had come up with as a class or on their own!

Here are some examples of what they came up with!

Now they have a constant reminder at their fingertips in their classroom as to why they are working so hard to learn to read, write, and speak in both languages each and every day!

Grab your copy of the book pages by clicking on the image!

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  1. Wow!! Amazing idea!!! I am going to do this with my firsties!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! =)

    1. Of course! The second graders had a lot of fun with it, so I hope your kiddos do too! And it is a great way to remind them of what a gift they have in being bilingual individuals!