Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hidden Treasure Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! This is our first full week of school so I am trying to brace myself for another 3 days ahead! 

To spice up this day of the week a bit for myself and for you all, I thought I'd try something new. 
Thus, welcome to the very first edition of "Hidden Treasure Tuesday"!

Graphics/Fonts: Kevin & Amanda, Erin Bradley, MyCuteGraphics

I realized in trying to locate and gather resources for many of our new staff members, that I have a lot of hidden resources tucked away in all of my trusty computer files and folders that I created prior to my blogging life and/or simply didn't get around to sharing with you! I thought to myself, what better time then the present to potentially unlock some of these beauties for all of you! It's proving to be a good review for me as well to remind myself of all that I have!

That being said, this Tuesday, I am sharing with you all some retelling guides that I created last year based upon our district expectations for this task that my students used as a resource in writing about texts.

The first is a fiction retell guide which gives the students sentence starters as well as key ideas to think about in organizing and writing a fiction story summary. In my dual language classroom, I printed these back to back (English/Spanish), cut them in half, then laminated them and presented one to each student. My students then utilized Expo markers and worked to check off the boxes as they completed writing each portion of the summary. Obviously, they utilized the English or Spanish side depending on the language of the text read. 

Later in the school year, we switched our focus more toward retelling a non-fiction text. My students also had a guide of a similar format that they used to organize their writing of this type of summary. Once again, I printed, cut, and laminated them back-to-back for my kids. 

You can click on either of the images to grab you own copy of these guides to help your students organize their writing of story summaries!
Graphics/fonts for each: Kimberly Geswein, Krista Wallden

Look forward to more hidden treasures next Tuesday!

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