Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poetry Cafe

To conclude our Poetry unit and celebrate our publications we hosted a Poetry Cafe today in our classroom! 

Of course to get an authentic feel we had to have some "coffee".

I borrowed an amp and microphone from our music teacher so that we could be sure to hear every word!

And away we went...

We had so much fun! 

Here are a few of my students published pieces in English and Spanish :)
I love the diversity in their writing. They created such a variety of types of poems and used such a great variety of tools! So proud of my poets!


  1. My daughter's teacher had a poetry cafe one year and parents were invited. I loved it! What a great way to showcase your students' talents.


  2. Too cool! Love the blog.


  3. Good poems! I love the lemons caligrama!

  4. I have awarded you with the lovely blog award! You don't need to link back to my blog because I just saw that you already have it. But I just want to share how much I admire you!

  5. I too have a Poetry Cafe in my second grade classroom, and my students absolutely love it! I really enjoyed seeing how you did this unit in your classroom. Thanks for sharing! And if you have a minute, please stop by my new blog at: http://lakairways.blogspot.com