Monday, May 14, 2012

A little catch up!

Sorry I have been a little MIA- major busy, not to mention I was out of school on Thursday and Friday of last week, so aside from some sub plans there was not much to post about! 

I did arrive back at school today though with this lovely gift sitting on my table waiting for me :)

Our PTO had all of our students sign these flowerpots for us to deliver during Teacher Appreciation week. So cute, and sneaky on their part as I had no idea it was coming!

Furthermore, earlier in the week, they presented each of us with the book below signed by each of our students as well. They came around during the day to give it to us along with our choice of a variety of delicious treats to pick from to eat throughout the day- my kind of appreciation! You can always win me over with food :)

In the past we have received gift certificates, luncheons, and such, but I found these gifts to be so much more special as they are a perfect way to remember my kiddos for years to come! Thanks PTO!

My students also traveled to Asia last week during our continent study with their substitute. They "landed" in India and discussed the art of henna and it's significance to the Indian people. After, they had the chance to practice being henna artists. Here are a few of their finished products:

I must say...I am with their "tatooing" skills!
They did a great job adding a lot of detail to their work.
This activity will be included in my "Pack You Bags: A Trip Around the World Unit", which I swear I am finishing up soon....I know I have been promising it to you for awhile! But it's really coming!

On a final note- just wanted to thank you all for taking part in my "Teacher Appreciation Sale" last week! I would love your feedback on the units you purchased, and I must say that I am super thrilled to use all of those that I did as well!

Tomorrow I will be linking up with Candis @ iteachduallanguage to share what a day in the life is like in my dual language classroom- so be sure to check back- especially if you are someone who wondering how this whole two language thing works!


  1. What an adorable pot!!!!
    Jessica Stanford
    PS I'm having my first linky and I'd love you to join!

  2. I love the pot and your kids could really earn money with those tattooing skills. LOL

    I am waiting for your dual language post, really interested in how you do it!
    I'll try to link myself to the linky.