Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"-ing" sort/Roots Investigation!

This week we are studying the present participle in English. We started our week with this anchor chart intro:

Then today, my students used our chart to help them complete a "Present Participle Sort".

Snag a copy of the sort by clicking on either of the images below!

This afternoon we continued on our journey through our plant unit and had a good ole' fashion "Root Tasting Party" as I like to call it!

Ran out at lunch today and grabbed some roots at the super market. Carrots, potatoes, onions, and turnips...yum yum!

Chopped some up and placed them in baggies ready to go for tasting (this was post activity so there were only a few left!)

Each of the kids completed a copy of this activity sheet while we explored! We went one by one- first naming the root, then the students drew a picture of it as I passed out a piece of it to each of them. Then we smelled it, touched it, and tasted it together! The students recorded their observations using their 5 senses. Some of their responses crack me up. They made some great observations that all of the roots were wet and slippery as well!

I love this. A potato- smells like tacos, feels wet, and has a "teeeeeeerrrrible" flavor. haha.

Carrots- smell like a leaf, feel wet, have a flavor like ugly (I think he meant dirty) water! (This was one of my native English speaking kiddos.)

As you can see we only completed 3. I promised them we could try the turnip (nabo) for snack tomorrow!

I added this activity page and investigation explanation to my "A Little Dirt Never Hurt" unit. If you have already purchased it- head over and re-download the revised edition with this latest addition! If not, and you would like to check it out, click on the cover image below. It is on sale for only $2.40 this week!

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