Saturday, May 24, 2014

Super Site Sábado #4

I may have shared this week's site a time or two before, but it is one of my favorites for getting relevant and age appropriate informational news articles in students' hands. 

If you haven't visited it yet, you've got to check out what Tween Tribune has to offer. 

This site is chalked full of news articles updated on nearly a daily basis for students at a variety of ages.

As you can see in the top navigation bar, the site is broken down for teachers and students to peruse a grade level or language most relevant to them.

My personal favorites are TTJunior for Grades K-4.

And TTEspañol for student friendly articles in the Spanish language.

Once you decide which grade category best fits you, one can scroll down to find a wide variety of article snippets from which to read. Here is an example from the main page of TTEspañol.

If you or your students are looking for an article on more a specific topic, you may want to refer to the "Topics" sidebar to select one of your choice as well.

While I do not believe they have done this for every grade level or for the Spanish articles, on TTJunior, there is a section that you can even refer to for help in determining the reading level of a particular article. 

Finally, once you have selected an article of interest, the entire thing is there in its short and sweet student friendly format to read, print, share, etc!

Seriously, you can't tell me these topics aren't going to peak your students' interest! 

And happy Memorial Day weekend!

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