Thursday, April 3, 2014

"Egg"cellent Math Activities

I am "egg"cited (insert nerd alert here) to share with you my recent egg-themed math freebie I whipped up for the month of April. 

This activity is a festive way for your students to review basic addition or multiplication facts. 
Students will role two dice to fill in the numbers to complete the 5 problems. They will then solve the problems to determine how they will need to decorate their eggs.

Grab your free copy for addition or multiplication in English or Spanish by clicking the activity image.

If you are brave enough to use real eggs, you may want to check out my "Egg Measurements" freebie that I have shared in the past as well! This activity was an authentic way for my students to put the measurement skills we had been learning about into practice and includes everything from measuring the length of the egg to its weight and its area! Click here to read more about how we did the activity in my classroom or click on the image to grab a copy for yourself.