Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spanish Apps for the Classroom (That I Love!) - 2nd Ed.

A few months ago, I shared with all of you some of my favorite Spanish apps that I had discovered for the classroom. (You can check them out here.) Since then, I have uncovered a few more that I have found to be useful that I'd like to share with you in what I like to call...

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First off we have...
1. Spanish School Bus

This app offers lessons on a variety of basic vocabulary words/concepts in the Spanish language. 

It includes a series of "flashcard" like games for students to select the correct picture to correspond with the word in a specific time frame. It also includes a section with videos and songs to reiterate these key concepts with the student.

Students can earn a variety of trophies as well as they work to accomplish the different tasks highlighted throughout the app.

This app is free initially, but then beyond a few levels, it does cost what I believe is $3.99 to unlock the additional levels.

2.) Kidpedia

This app is similar to "Spanish School Bus" in that its goal is to teach kids basic vocabulary in the Spanish language. 

Within the app, one will find the option to change the language to English, Spanish, or even French! After selecting a language, students can select from a variety of categories for practice. Once in a category, students can click on and/or drag and drop objects to hear their name.

You can get a "lite" version of this app with just the shapes for free, otherwise to unlock the full app it is a small fee of $0.99!

3. Dikie and Dukie

As you can see from this cover image there are a variety of apps in this series. Many come in Spanish as well!

All of the Dikie and Dukie apps I have utilized are set up with a main menu highlighting three different levels of difficulty for practice, and then students will be taken to the activity screen within that level with a variety of options to chose from. 

My personal favorite "Dikie and Dukie" apps in Spanish are the Math app...

...and the reading app.

Both have a variety of activities at different levels geared toward the K-2 learner.
There are Dikie Dukie apps for Science and Geography (and maybe even others) that are available for purchase as well. Each app costs $1.99.

If you have any other Spanish apps you've found that you love for the classroom that I haven't mentioned, I'd love for you to share so that I can add them to my repertoire!


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    1. So glad it was helpful! Thanks for sharing Karina :)!

  2. Thanks very much for all these useful apps . Gracias ;-)

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