Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hidden Treasure Tuesday - 100th Day Ed.

Back for another edition of "Hidden Treasure Tuesday" - this week's focus - 100th Day of School!

I know this auspicious day is coming up for many of us (although ours keeps getting pushed back with these crazy "cold" days!), so I thought it may help to share some ideas that have worked for me in the past with all of you as well as some new "treasures" I have located this year that look mighty fine too!

Last year I created these "Soy 100 días más inteligente/I Am 100 Days Smarter!" stickers for my kids and had them waiting on their desks as they entered the room in the morning to wear all day. I just printed them on simple Avery address labels. You could also print them on paper, cut and punch them and tie them around candy or a little gift for the special day! Grab a copy in English/Spanish by clicking on the image :)!

Another activity that my students seemed to truly enjoy each year was creating a 100th day trail mix for all to enjoy. I sent a note home to parents the night before asking them to count 100 small (and healthy) food items out with their children the night before and send them to school in a ziploc baggie to be added to our mix. We then worked together on our 100th day to count by 100's as we added all of the items to our giant bowl! Last year I had the students help me create an anchor chart as we counted titled "We can Count by 100's" and with each bag of goodies we added, I had a kiddo come up and add the next number to our list! With all they had brought, we were about to count to around 2,500, and it was  great reinforcement of how to skip count this way!

For other ideas and resources from 100's day past, feel free to visit a previous post on this topic here.

In perusing other blogs, pages, and Pinterest over the past few weeks, I have ran across some other 100th Day ideas that I have been adding to my "treasure" bank as well and would love to share with all of you!

This "100 Días de Maravilla" pack by Maestra Sandoval looks chalked full of a variety of language arts and mathematics activities to be used throughout the day!

Easy Teaching Tools utilized this "Aging Booth" app to create the most adorable little 100 year old photos of her students. This would be great to couple with a writing piece. Check out how she did it here.

This fun lil' freebie from Stephanie Chambers would be a great one to get your kids reflecting on what they have learned during the first 100 days and what they look forward to learning in the next 100 days! After all isn't this what we are celebrating? :). Get it here.

If you have a favorite 100th Day idea or lesson, I'd love for you to share a little about it or even share the link for us in the comments below!

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