Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Writers' Workshop Posters/Anchors

Thought I'd share some of our most useful writing anchor charts with you all tonight gracing the walls of our classroom, as well as a new pack I just got up on TpT which includes the posters I use to guide my students through the writing process!

So first off, here is the chart I have hanging on my cabinets (must utilize all space!) which my students use to highlight their current step in the Writers' Workshop process. We have been working as a class to select ideas for our non-fiction writing as you can see they are all currently working in this step!

This is a anchor chart we have located in our writing area (next to the step posters) which corresponds with each one. My students use this poster as a resource and reminder of what is expected of them at each point in the process. We completed it together at the beginning of the year in both English and Spanish. (The English was in pink...which unfortunately is fading! It may need a facelift.)

This anchor helps the students to remember the key parts of an organized piece of writing. (Yes, it is the ole' familiar hamburger...but it works!)

These anchors share with students some of the "extras" they can add during the publishing stage. For instance, an "about the author", "dedication", "story summary", or "book critiques" may be options for them. Below on the second anchor, we have a list of questions students need to think about in selecting a topic. 

They are:
1. What idea has a lot of importance to me?
2. On what idea can I elaborate more?
3. What idea is going to be the most interesting for my readers?

We use this anchor when sharing our pieces. It includes key phrases students can use in discussing peers' work. There are key phrases to use for "works in progress" as well as "published work".

This punctuation poster is one students utilize a lot during the editing stage. It also serves as a great reminder for them that there is more than one type of sentence they can use in their writing! (PS. This one is modeled after an adorable one I found at First Grade Glitter and Giggles.)

Finally, the kiddos use this one as a tool for adding transition words into their pieces to better organize their writing.

I must say that there are so many more anchors we use that go up and down throughout the year! (Don't we all wish we had more space?) But these are definitely our staples! What are some anchors that are writing "staples" in your classroom?!

If you would like to grab a copy of our Writers' Workshop process posters for your own classroom, feel free to click on the spread below. The pack includes all posters in English, Spanish, or both languages to meet the needs of a variety of classroom settings!