Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green Kids!

We just concluded our unit "It's Good to be Green" in which we explored goods, transportation, natural resources, and how we can work together to "be green" and conserve them!

As one of the concluding activities to the unit we spend a week reading a variety of texts related to how to take care of our environment, recycling, saving energy, saving water etc. After reading a text on each of these earth friendly topics my students filled out a reflection page sharing something that they can/plan to do to be "green". 

Then we put them all together with a fancy "green" kid cutout and voila:

Here are some examples up close:

The reflection pages say: 
"Things I can recycle"
"I can save water by..."
I can save energy by..."
"I can take care of my environment by..."

You could have the kids draw a face as I have done, or even glue a photo of each child on the head as well. I have done this is years past too!

The instructions for this activity along with the header and reflection pages are all part of my "It's Good to be Green" unit along with many other activity pages and suggestions to go along with not only caring for our environment, but also, the relationship between our natural resources, goods, and transportation.

Check it out by clicking on the image. the spirit of "Earth Day" coming up in a week the unit will be on sale for 20% off now until Sunday so that you can snag a copy for the special "green" occasion! 

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