Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Multiplication Mania!

We have been knee deep in the beginnings of multiplication these past few days. Thought I'd share a few quick freebies with you all that I have created and/or enjoyed from other teachers that you may be able to use to do the multiplication basics with your kiddos!

First things first, a quick anchor chart....(We have been referring to this all week long to help us remember not only the different ways we can represent a multiplication story, but also how the addition and multiplication number models are interconnected!)

On Valentine's Day...(because the kids were not already on enough of a sugar high), we worked to create arrays for the first time using Nerds candies!

Just a quick note - we found that a dab of liquid glue worked the best, although my kids did have some success if they lathered on the glue stick! Also, my freebie does not include the dot grid that is included on this photo, because I cut and pasted one of the grids from our Everyday Math Journals to make it a little easier for my students to glue in neat rows and thus, could not claim them as my own! I encourage you to do the same, and/or your kids could also work to put the nerds into equal groups instead of creating the array. There are many ways it could be used! Grab this freebie in both English and Spanish here.

We have also been working on solving multiplication number stories. I was inspired by a freebie from Smiles from Second Grade to create this quick number story activity page for my students to complete during group today with me to review not only the two ways to represent a multiplication story, but also how to write the different number models effectively.

Here is a student who decided to use arrays...

and another who preferred equal groups/pictures..

Grab a copy of this in Spanish here
Grab a copy in English (by Smiles from Second Grade) here.
Borders for both freebies by Creative Clips.


  1. We are teaching multiplication now! We did it with mini m&m. :)
    Our letters are ready! I will be sending them tomorrow!

    1. That sounds like a great idea as well! My students will be so excited to receive them! What a great way to bring them together to use their skills!

  2. AHH!! So exciting!! Thanks for the shout out! :)

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