Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Math Vocabulary Cards

Just finished creating word wall cards up through the remainder of the school year and thought I'd share this latest creation with all of you! In previous years, I had just used the good ole' sentence strips and a sharpie, but this year I thought I'd dress them up a bit.

These can be used for introducing vocabulary terms as well as a resource for students on your classroom "Math Word/Content Wall". I know I see my students refer to them all of the time, which puts a smile on my face!

The cards are aligned with the second grade Common Core vocabulary and come in both English and Spanish! Click on the image to check them out :)! All you have to do is print, cut, and laminate!


  1. These look great! I saw them last night on my Facebook feed. They are in my wish list now. :)I am having a giveaway. I would love for you to come check it out. :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade