Monday, October 22, 2012

Superkid of the Week

Behold my newest product! A pack to set up your very our "Superkid of the Week" routine in your super classroom :)!

Here she is. A beaut, right ;)!

This 20 page pack includes activity instructions for you as well as activity instructions for your students/parents in both English and Spanish. The presentation portion of "Superkid of the Week" that is included in the student/parent instructions explains in a nutshell the poster creation process for their special week, the super information they will include about themselves, as well as asks each student to bring his/her favorite story to share with the class! Examples of posters myself and my students have created are included for your viewing pleasure.

The second main component of this activity pack are templates included to create a "Superkid of the Week" book with your class. Each student will create a page after the presentation relaying what they have learned that they have in common with the superkid, something different about them, and why they think that kid is "super". They also draw a picture of the two of them together. Book page templates are included in both English and Spanish as well as for boys and girls. 

Here is a little sneak peak of one of the examples of my student's book pages. More examples can be found with explanations in the pack!

The pack in on sale for $2.00 currently at my TpT store! If you purchase one, I would love and appreciate your feedback!

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  1. We have a dual immersion at our school too. I will totally share your post with the Spanish teacher. She will love your product!

    The Hive