Saturday, January 28, 2012

Let the adventure begin...

Welcome everyone! I am so excited to embark on this blogging journey!

I figured that to start off with it may be a good idea to share a little information about myself to kick off my blog! So here goes (a few tidbits about me):

* I have always been one to be passionate about sharing ideas with others as well as well as learning from others ideas. I think as teachers we are busy enough as it is- why reinvent the wheel if there is something great already out there!
*I am a dual language teacher. What does this mean? It means I teach roughly 80% of my day in the Spanish language and 20% in English. I have a classroom comprised of not only English language learners, but Spanish language learners as well. I love teaching in this setting, because I am part of giving my students the gift of two languages!
*The theme in my classroom is "We Are Superkids" (hence my blog name). My goal as a teacher is to teach my kids how to be productive citizens of not only our community, but our world. In my classroom, students learn ways to help one another, build on their strengths and ultimately see themselves as "superkids" soaring toward success.

I thought that in the spirit of this being the "kick off" to my teaching blog, that I share one of my favorite activities I do to "kick off" my school year with you. Of is superkid related.

I love this story. (If anyone has seen it in Spanish, let me know!) It is about this dog who is weak and gets picked on by others until he decides that he is going to become a super hero. In the story, he helps others and his community in a variety of ways. In the end, he even helps one of the bullies that was picking on him! 

After reading, my students and I discuss what are some of the characteristics that Superdog as well as other Superheroes possess. 

Then we create our first bulletin board of the school year. Each kid colors a "Superkid" to resemble themselves. They write about the characteristics that they will strive to possess as "Superkids" of our classroom this school year (...and beyond ;)). 

Looking forward to sharing many more adventures in our "Super Sal√≥n (Classroom) with you! 


  1. Wow, great start! What a busy and creative blog page, too. You're an artist...I've only read one entry, but look forward to following you. I love your idea with *Superdog* with the bulletin board. I'll bet the students really were excited about the activity.
    Lynn Wynn
    West Elem.

  2. Where did you get the superhero clip art for the kids to color in?


    1. I got it from Scrappin Doodles. It is digital line art I believe.

  3. Hey!! I LOVE this idea!! Is there where you got the awesome superhero clip art?


    1. Yes. The clipart from the button shown in this post is from Scrappin Doodles. My current buttons clipart is from