Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Differentiation Across the Subject Areas

We had another class Monday night with our new dual/ELL staff members, and this time we focused on differentiation and what that may look like across the subject areas.

As we have done in the past, we had the teachers participate in a gallery walk and thus rotate around with their groups to add to a series of posters focused on this topic of differentiation. Yet again, our wonderful staff did not disappoint and came up with a wide assortment of ideas as to how instruction can be differentiated for our students!

I typed up their ideas on a nice one page spread for them, and thought you all may find it useful as well!
Click on it to grab a copy for yourself or a friend.

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Also, (as if you haven't already heard ;)), I wanted to let you all in on the big secret. 
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How exciting is it to see this community of teachers growing and working together :)!

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  1. Readers Theatre is such an awesome activity that I think is a great way to get students involved in reading at their level. It gives them an opportunity to listen to their more fluent classmates, proudly present reading they have worked hard to present, and read at their comfort level and their reading level! I love all the other ideas you have for differentiation in the other content areas, too! Images and manipulatives are awesome, as well as any real objects the kids can touch and feel. Thanks for sharing this tool!