Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Updated Calendar Labels for You!

I recently had a request for my "Spanish Calendar Labels" to be translated into English as well. Thus, in an effort to please and appease, I have done just that! Those of you that are looking to update or create your own calendar this school year may be interested in one of these packs!

Here is a photo of my mathematics bulletin board at the beginning of last school year with these calendar labels displayed.

The pack includes all months, a "Today is..." strip with corresponding days of the week to be Velcro-ed on, a "School Day" poster where students can continue adding numbers to count the days passed, as well as optional smaller days of the week labels for the top of your calendar, and 31 circular numbers to represent each date.

Here is a little spread of the recently created English version to help you visualize it a bit more :)!

Click on either of the images below to take you to my TpT store to check out the labels in English/Spanish!

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