Saturday, May 4, 2013

Open House, Animal Teeth, and other Random Things!

Linking up with Doodle Bugs for "Five for Friday Saturday"! I have a good excuse for being late though- we had Open House last night until 8pm...and if you all can imagine how it feels to be at school until can imagine my bed was the only place calling my name when I arrived home! 

So here goes...5 randoms from my busy week!

1. Alphabet Countdown - We started our annual "Alphabet Countdown" as a school on Tuesday. "A" was for "Show your Appreciation" to you teacher!

I love the "From one princess to another..." card. Too cute! (We are on "E" Monday!)

2.) We have been working on main idea/details all week. One of my students bought me the most adorable book at the book fair last week called "What if You had Animal Teeth?" which I thought would be perfect for practicing this concept.

Each kiddo created their own little "mouth/teeth" organizer to retell the important parts of the text!

3.) "Super Gallon Man" arrived to teach us all about equivalent units for capacity!

4.) We wrote acrostic poems for addition adjective practice!

(And to answer your question, no it is not a crack in his tooth, it is shining!)
You can grab a copy of the acrostic poem template here.

5.) And we set up our poems in our chairs and cleaned our room on Friday to prep for Open House that night!

I must say...they were the most well-behaved students I have ever had!

I even "hung out" for the evening at my guided reading chair to man the "class books" area ;)!

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  1. I would love visiting your classroom. I could learn so much from you! :)